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traditional Japanese joinery 2007/12/23 13:21
does anyone know of places in Kyoto, or elsewhere in Japan where I can see exhibitions of traditional Japanese woodwork. Or particularly a place where I could study the art for a while.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
by dizzy851  

Woodwork in Japan 2008/1/17 16:31
The narrow streets of Kyoto and the temples is a very good way to study the art...
But I think in Takayama there is a lot of woodwork and Oak Village should be somewhere in the area of Takayama.Unfortunately I didn't have time to visit there last time so I don't know more yet.
I'm also looking for a school/workplace/really any opportunity to practise and learn traditional Japanese woodwork, furniture and houses. Seems a bit difficult to find any information, the key thing is to find the right people and contacts in Japan (I guess that's what we are looking for here :) I'm planning on just going back to Japan for a bit longer time to travel and do some wwoofing find out what opportunities there are, since internet doesn't seem to be so much of help. But good luck with everything and I'll post more info here if something comes up!
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Craftsmen 2008/1/17 17:55
I have some craftsmen of tub, measure (box) or wood-turning in mind. I need rough information about you to introduce to them.
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re; craftsman 2008/1/17 20:59
An introduction / meeting would be great.
I was studying architecture for the last 3 years, and@currently working making architectural models. But I`m more passionate about woodworking. I make a lot of smaller objects specialising in fine detailing and bowls - so a meeting with a woodturner or joiner would be perfect.

I will be in Japan until the 23rd of January (in Tokyo at the moment) and will be visiting the Traditional Arts Super College of Kyoto to get some more information. I am willing to travel anywhere really in Japan if we could organise a meeting before I leave.

Unfortunately though, my Japanese is almost non-existant, so any meeting would be hard.

Ultimately I`m looking to be apprenticed, and learn by working, maybe next year when I`ve had a chance to learn some Japanese.
Feel free to email me @ dizzy851@hotmail.com
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