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What to wear during late March in Japan? 2007/12/24 10:49
Could anyone please advise me what kind of clothing I should wear during late March thru early April in Japan?

I will be in Japan with my family from 26th March to 4th April. It is our first time visiting the country and I pick this time as we are hoping to see some cherry blossom.

We are coming from the tropical Singapore. I'd appreciate advice on what we should expect in terms of temperature and weather during that period. Thank you very much. Merry X'mas to all!
by jemdude22  

... 2007/12/24 12:25
As for temperature, please check this page.
When cherry is in blossom, temperature fluctates greatly and tends to drop sharp at night. I think I wore a wool sweater, a spring jacket (slightly lighter jacket than thick winter one) and gloves early spring in 2007.
by JLady rate this post as useful

spring 2007/12/24 19:22
About 4 years ago it actually snowed in Tokyo right at the end of March. Warm jacket, sweater and hat/ gloves/ scarf are possibly still needed. Alternatively it may be as warm as 20 degrees but the temp tends to fluctuate a lot in spring here so it's best to be prepared for both possibilities. There can still be some very cold winds as well.
by Sira rate this post as useful

... 2007/12/24 19:59
Thank you all for the advice. Guess it is best to be prepared for the extreme rather than sorry.
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April Snow 2008/1/4 09:17
It did snow in Tokyo in April'07. It took everyone by surprise. I was out in Ginza and I saw dark clouds forming in the horizon and before I knew it, it actually snowed, although it was for a short while. Heard later on the news that it was the first April Snow in x years.
by Funshine rate this post as useful

be prepared 2008/1/4 14:29
Nobody quite knows the weather nowadays. But many years ago when I was first in Tokyo (late March), I had to put on a warm jacket one moment and take it off shortly after, and yet putting it on say ten minutes later . I was wearing a pull-over with a T, besides the jacket.
by Nana rate this post as useful

Mar 2010 2010/3/21 16:24
I will be visiting Tokyo this coming weekend. I need some advise on clothes packing. TIA
by Kate (guest) rate this post as useful

layers 2010/3/21 16:51
Layers are the go..we have had 2 trips at this time of year: one we needed a zip up windcheater very morning until we had warmed up walking, and then on some days it didn't come off. Last year we were down to T-shirts by 10am and only put a warmer layer on in the evening. Small day pack with spare socks for wet days (we had 1 each trip and they WERE wet), umbrella, rainjacket, wear t-shirt, jeans, good trainers, and have a windcheater..never felt overdressed or underprepared.
NB all buildings and trains are well heated, so easy strip layers were the go.
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What we going to bring. 2010/3/21 18:21

My wife and I are going for our honeymoon from 24 mar to 8 apr.We are also from Singapore too.

We be bringing a wool/fleece jacket and also another set of winter jacket(2 piece coat),scarfs and gloves.

Winter jacket for less than 15 deg.The outer layer of the winter jacket can also help to block wind and some rain. Fleece/wool jacket for more than 15 deg.

I guess it should help to cover most kind of weather.

Someone please warn me if i have miss or lack of anything.

by Kiokuharu rate this post as useful

Tokyo now 2010/3/21 23:19

I'm in Tokyo right now. The weekend has been pretty warm. Very sunny but the nights turn chilly as the winds can be very strong.

The locals have started wearing lighter outer jackets and fewer layers. Females are baring more skin- shorts, flats and low neck tops.

We were out today wearing 2 layers and only donning our outerwear(fleece or wool cos lighter to carry ard) in the evening.

Be warned that days may be comfy when the sun is shining but may be extremely windy. Nights get chilly. As always advised, dress in light layers. A lot of shops still have heaters turned on full blast. So it can be awful indoors if your first layers are thick.

Hth fr fellow SG
by Bedebe (guest) rate this post as useful

confused 2010/3/23 15:05
We fly in Saturday and I think despite my best intentions I'm going to have a very full suitcase, with the temperatures on the websites I think I want boots,coat, gloves and scarf but people are talking about t-shirts and women in shorts. I'm not sure what to take and what to leave behind - I need some spare luggage limit for the souvenirs.
by pacifictonz rate this post as useful

What to wear 2010/3/23 15:48
Accdg to my friend who had lived in japan for more than 2 yrs - tourist (who are not used to cold weather) need to wear some layers but not so thick. Shorts can be worn but with knee high boots (I also read this in the net). To be safe, bring extra light jacket if ever the temp at night fluctuates. Have fun!
by Jan (guest) rate this post as useful

From past experience 2010/3/23 16:27
Depends on wht kind of wheather that you are used to I guess. When my sis and I visited end of March last year, we have only one jackets (not too thick - sufficient for spring) - sport shoes and thick socks. jeans. long sleeves blouse/shirts (cotton or something that trap heat) and scarf. We do not need gloves or hats - but from time to time we went into coffee shops or shopping malls to heat ourselves. We dressed in two layers when we were in Kawaguchiko because the weather was colder in Tokyo.
by mk (guest) rate this post as useful

prepare for changeable weather 2010/3/23 16:57
pacifictonz, young women here wear shorts with boots right through winter, even when it's snowing, so that's no indication of warmth. I don't think anyone mentioned T-shirts actually, but on days that reach 21 degrees of course some people will be in short sleeves. Problem is the next day the high might only be 10 degrees and overnight lows can still be not much above zero. Are you from NZ? If so, you must be used to changeable weather. I'm from Auckland, and spring fluctuations here are very much like they can be at home, other than the possibility of snow, which Auckland doesn't get!
by Sira (guest) rate this post as useful

thanks 2010/3/23 17:36
Thanks Sira. I was from Auckland,NZ but have lived in sunny Queensland (Australia) for a few years now and my sensitivity to cold has certainly increased so I'm going to appreciate those extra layers I think even if the suitcase is a bit heavy.
by pacifictonz rate this post as useful

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