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My first time in Japan 2007/12/25 11:22
Hi all,I am new to this forum and this is my first post but already I have found so much usefull information and almost every question I have has been answered already which is cool. Anyway I am going to Japan for the first time in March for 2 weeks to see my girlfriend who lives in Kyoto.I will be staying in the family home none of whom I have met before.I am so nervous as I dont speak Japanese and her parents dont speak any English.I am trying to learn the basics so I dont look like a complete idiot when I arrive! I have known my girlfriend for just over 2 years and I love her dearly and it is my intention to ask her to marry me.I was thinking of asking her on white day which I think is the 14th March but I will only have been there 3 days and I am worried that that is not long enough for her parents to get to know me. What do you think? Then I have to ask her parents for permission to marry their daughter in Japanese!!!! How scary is that!!!! I just know I will just be a shaking,stuttering mess and they wont understand a word I said,and reading it off a piece of paper would just look naff,so I must learn it!!!! But I really cant wait to go,all those nice things to do and see,it will be a real culture shock for me as I have never been anywhere outside of Europe.I am sure I will fall in love with the country it all looks so beautifull,I am really exited it will be a real adventure for me.
Happy Christmas to you all.
Cheers Tim.
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... 2007/12/25 14:48
What is your question?
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Japan- two sides 2007/12/25 15:09
I think he's just letting out some nervousness and excitement!

Tim, just so you aren't disappointed, while Japan in many ways is a wonderful country (I've been here almost 10 years), don't expect it all to be beautiful. Along with wonderful scenery Japan has its fair share of grey suburbs, heavy industry, and over-development.

Some people seem to get a shock when they arrive in Kyoto for example and see that most of it is concrete and power lines. Not wanting to be negative, just so you're prepared.
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... 2007/12/25 17:55
Just in case - I'm sure you've thought of this already - but be sure to ask your girlfriend FIRST to marry you BEFORE you ask her parents :)

And when she says yes, because she knows her own parents far better than you do, it might be better to discuss and work out the tactics on how the two of you should approach her parents with the question. Calm down, and good luck!
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thanks 2007/12/25 18:59
Hi,thanks for your replies,I know I got a bit carried away and over-excited but thats love for you,it makes you do strange things!What do you all think about asking her on white day? Or should I wait til her parents know me better? Thanks again
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