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Day trip from Tokyo to Hiroshima 2007/12/27 00:59

Myself and my partner are planning a trip to Tokyo in September 2008.

One of the main things I'd like to do is a day trip to Hiroshima on the Shinkansen (we'll most probably use the JR Rail Pass as have other trips planned).

Is a day trip to Hiroshima do-able?

by TJ  

Tokyo - Hiroshima 2007/12/27 02:10
Theoretically, it's doable but the reality is it's a 5 hour train ride on the shinkansen each way. You cannot use the JR pass on the Nozomi (the fastest shinkansen). Unless you leave on the first trip out of Tokyo and return late at night the same day it's better to spend a night in Hiroshima and add a side trip to Miyajima the next day, then return to Tokyo. Miyajima is an hour west of Hiroshima and will be one of the highlights of your trip, should you go.

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Quite tough... 2007/12/27 02:47
As stated above, the travel time on the Hikari trains is five hours each way. The first one leaves Tokyo at 6:36am and arrives at Hiroshima at 11:33am, with a transfer at Shin-Osaka. Then last train backward leaves Hiroshima at 6:09pm and arrives at Tokyo 11:19pm, also with a change at Shin-Osaka. You could stay in Hiroshima for five hours at most.
You might seriously consider staying in Hiroshima overnight. It's a charming city. If that's impossible, look for a cheap air ticket. You are likely to be eligible for the airpass such as visit Japan. Alternatively, you could find a good deal on the ANA site. The "Tabiwari" fare is a bargain, which is on sale anyday between 2 month and 28 days prior to departure. Air travel makes the day trip sound more realistic. You could stay in Hiroshima for 12 hours if you can fly.

Hope this helps.
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. 2007/12/27 06:38
Cool, thanks for the advice.

I'm thinking of also visiting Kyoto, so might go there en-route and incorporate an overnight stay there or Hiroshima...

I would rather take the train than fly (much prefer rail travel), but will definitely keep the internal flight option in mind.
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Hiroshima 2007/12/27 07:15
I second your desire to take the train. Both for the experience of riding fast trains, especially if you live in a country where fast trains aren't usual (I live in North America and going from Seattle to Vancouver-Canada by train is longer than by car) but also because there is so much wasted time in airports.
You should go to Hiroshima as early as possible and have a look at the Peace park. It is not the most pleasant experience you will have on your trip but somehow it is necessary. Then have a look at the town. The next morning go to Miyajima island by JR train from Hiroshima main station. Touristy yes but fascinating (we only went there to get our money worth out of our JR pass, intending to zip in/out and stayed 7 hrs. After visiting the shrine area try to walk away from that area and check any one of the quiet residential area). Pick up your bags at the Hiroshima railway station locker where you left them in the morning and go to Kyoto.
We usually stay at a Toyoko inn (cheap, small but nice rooms, free breakfast, free internet and the first one you stay in can reserve rooms for you in the following ones). On our last trip a couple of months ago we stayed at one in Shijo (30 minutes by train from Hiroshima) and one in Kobe(40 minutes by train from Kyoto) mainly because they had available rooms we can't reserve in advance from abroad) but also because it gave us a chance to experience 2 more towns, however briefly, and we do love train travel.
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Stay overnight 2008/2/19 05:16
you can find pretty cheap hostels in hiroshima, especially near the station. i would advise you to stay one night as it can be really tiring to travel 5 hrs by shinkansen.

whatever you do, don't fly to hiroshima. the airport is located in higashi-hiroshima and it's far away from the city. they have limosine buses from the airport to hiroshima station and it takes approx. 1 hr. i find it more of an inconveniece to have to transfer from train to plane to bus. at least with the shinkansen, you'll only have to transfer trains once, and it'll be less costly.
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