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mailing meds 2007/12/28 02:56
my husband is will be staying in Japan for at least 6 months and we are wondering if it is ok to mail his medication refills once a month. He will not have insurance over there or time to see a Dr. He takes Protonix for stomach issues and allopurinal For Gout. Anyone know if its ok?
by tammy  

... 2007/12/28 04:55
all depends..
I beleive those medications are in pill form so why not take what he needs for his travel in a carry on and pack the rest in checked luggage with a whole 6 months supply? I'm sure his doctor can talk to the pharmacy to arrange that so your husband can get 6 months supply of medications.

Also,mailing these shouldn't be a problem (your pharmacy may even do that depends on your insurance company policy, the web site suggests you may buy a temporarily insurance company covering overseas..etc incase of situation as yours) if it gets there on timely manner and thru right temperatures etc thru special deliverly but I think it's simpler and best way that he takes them along at least 1/2 of his 6 months suppy anyways. Depends on if he is routinely checked every three months by lab tests via his physician for his health or not, your doc may waive that. If he does, than he may be able to supply your husband whole six months supply so he can take them along and not worry about having them shipped.

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He should be insured 2007/12/28 08:10
Incidentally, if your husband is working here, then it is mandatory for him to join some kind of health insurance, whether the national health insurance system or a private policy- his company should be able to advise him on this.

If he had an accident here it could cost enormous amounts of money without insurance- I recommend getting it.
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mailing meds 2007/12/28 11:01
not sure if he will qualify for medical insurance over there since he will be contracting through an american company and not directly employed by the Japanese company he is placed at. Good advice, will call his doc in the morning. Thank you both!!
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various options are available 2007/12/28 15:47
I am pretty sure he will be eligible to join "Kokumin Kenko Hoken" which is the national health insurance. He can apply for it when he goes to his ward or city office to apply for an alien registration card (everyone resident in Japan more than 90 days must have one).

National Health Insurance costs just a few thousand yen ($20- $30) for the first year and covers 70% of any medical costs incurred.

I know a number of people who have been injured in Japan, been hit by cars etc. and if they hadn't had insurance they would have been in a lot of trouble. No-one should ever go overseas without some kind of insurance. People usually get travel insurance when travelling shorter term, insurance is also a good idea for longer term stays.

National Health is the cheapest option, but there are also private expat health insurers (I am insured with this kind of company) such as Good Health International.

Even if your husband does get his meds sent from the States, there is no reason for him to be un-insured for 6 months. If he doesn't mind taking the risk, then fine, but I wouldn't do it.

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mailing meds 2007/12/29 00:24
Thank you very much for the information, this opportunity sprang on us very suddenly and hasn't given us much time to prepare. There is so much we have been trying to figure out and your information really helps. any other tips about anything?? thanks a bunch
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