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I want to get my license in Japan.. 2007/12/29 20:25
I am studying Japanese in my country and I also have been in Japan to study for 6 months as an exchange student. Now I am going to graduate from university and I would like to study more in Japan. In the future I would like to became a hairdresser (biyoushi) and thus I would like to get a license as a hairdresser in Japan..

Is it possible for me to enroll in a Beauty school in Japan? If somebody has experiences, pls reply! Thanks a lot.
by Edison  

... 2007/12/30 10:08
Yamano, one of the top-notch hair-dresser school, has information for foreign students. Please see this page : http://www.yamano-bc.jp/entry/entery-abroad.html

Also, this is English webpage for Hollywood Beauty College in Japan.
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schools 2007/12/30 10:11
There are many schools (Biyo Senmon Gakko)especially in Tokyo, where you can take courses on rules and practical and they also provide a correspondence course for working students as a trainee. However, I have never heard any foreigners taking this kind of course. It is best you directly contact the schools in Japan for any possobility of enrolling. Try the following site for requesting application forms ; http://www.asamnet.jp/beauty.php
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thanks! 2007/12/31 00:13
Thank you guys! It really helped. It is freaking expensive though, so I have to see if I can get a scholarship for this. I do think that I fit the requirements they ask for but to be sure of that I will contact them by email first. Thanks!
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