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Dating a Japanese boy with irezumi 2007/12/30 00:36
I have been dating a Japanese man,30yo, for about 3 months. His back and part of lower back is covered by a huge tattoo, representing Chinese divinities. The ones in Nara as he said. I like him but I guess he's hiding the true, he's very evasive about his job too. Can anyone confirm that such kind of irezumi are related to yakuza or since he's kinda young is just a tatto and I am just fantasizing? Of course I asked him and he laughed at me so I am asking around. Thanx for replies
by Puzzled Girl  

not only yakuza have irezumi 2007/12/30 13:30
While it is traditional for yakuza to have such tattoos, it is not restricted to yakuza by any means. Plenty of non-yakuza irezumi enthusiasts have them.
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yakuza 2007/12/30 16:39
I would think any man who has tatoos on a large part of his back should be a member of yakuza or someone related to a group of yakuza.
Some non-yakuza do have a tatoo but only a small one on his arm, leg, etc.
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devoted yakuza 2007/12/30 18:58
By "30yo" are you saying he is thirty years old? That's not that young, you know, and I'm already 46.

In any case, if it's a different design, he could be an artist or a designer. But a person with tattoo in that sort of a design and that sort of a scale has got to be either a yakuza or a craftsman, most likely a carpenter, from the older part of a city like Tokyo.

Being a professional craftsman is nothing to be evasive about, especially if you're devoted enough to have that sort of a tattoo. There's a big chance he is a yakuza. And if he's 30, he's a devoted one.

I have nothing against dating yakuzas, but just be careful he has no special plans for your "career".
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Thanx 4 replies 2007/12/31 11:41
Thanks, your comments helped reinforce my thoughts.
Since he works around kabuki cho (he says works for a restaurant there) I would go for the underground job. What a pity. :-( Or if I am lucky, in the past he could have been some sort of worker and recently he moved into (hosto?)... but if he does not clear up my doubts, guess I will have to start the new year with something new! Thanks again for you replies
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