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Capsule Hotels for longer stays? 2007/12/30 15:56

I am planning to visit Japan for a holiday some time in the future, perhaps at the end of the year, and I was looking at accommodation options, the Capsule Hotel caught my eye, for the unique experience, affordability and the fact that a bed to sleep is really all I plan to need anyway, since I want to spend the days sight seeing.

I'd like to stay in Japan for around 3 weeks, are Capsule Hotels a viable option? I've heard they are more designed for businessmen who need a place to sleep for the night, is it possible to stay in a Capsule Hotel for a longer period like 3 weeks? Is it encouraged?

Thank you for the assistance.
by Matt  

Capsule hotels 2007/12/31 20:12

Is it encouraged?

It's not discouraged, but they are not geared towards tourists, so you can't leave your stuff at the hotel during the daytime. If you are on a tight budget, why not look at the Toyoko Inn chain of hotels?
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Other types of accomodations. 2007/12/31 20:26

I advise you to check these types of accomodations,

Gaijin House,
Weekly mansion

Wikitravel says,
If you're staying for a longer period, say a month and longer, you might be able to drastically reduce your living costs by staying in a "gaijin house".
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thanks 2008/1/1 07:31
Thanks guys .. yeah after looking into it more, Capsule Hotels dont look like their the best option for tourists and longer stays.

I'll look into those other options, thank you.

Though since I'd like to travel around the country a bit, I've been thinking that I probably wont stay in one place for the whole 3 weeks anyway, instead I'd stay in Tokyo first, then when I move on to Osaka for example I'd stay there, rather than take the train trip back to Tokyo since it's around 3-4 hours or something! I dont want to spend all my time travelling!

So here comes the next question, if I decided to "move around", i.e. stay in Tokyo for 5 or so days, then move to Osaka and stay there for another 5 days etc. what type of accomodation is the best? Those Business Hotels seem fairly resonable priced.
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Business Hotel 2008/1/3 19:54
Yes business hotels are a very good option for your purpose. But of course you should try a capsule for one overnight stay, too. What might worth to be considered is a 7 day JR Rail Pass. After your stay in Tokyo start with the Pass and visit Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Odawara for Hakone and Nikko ( or other sides or more sides ) within one week. Cost is 28 300 Yen what is nearly equal to what you pay for the shinkansen Tokyo Osaka Tokyo alone. After your "travel week" back to Tokyo for final week.
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. 2008/1/3 20:55
i stayed quite alot in capsule hotels during my trip and it was no problem leaving my baggage there during the days.
But some doesnt accept check in until 1400 or so.
But they doesnt usually have a secure place to store the bags, usually like a unlocked room.

Didnt have any problem with it but you shouldnt leave any valuebles in the bags. Not that i think the japanese would take anything but its the other tourists i dont trust :)
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3 week trip to Japan March/April 2008/1/4 01:49
Hi, My husband and I are planning our first trip to japan- 3 weeks in March/April this year. We are getting bogged down with so much information, really not sure where to go and what to see. We are interested in temples, gardens, nightlife, onsens, skiing etc etc. Dont want to only stay around Tokyo. Any suggestions?
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check this:) 2008/1/4 02:57

you should check this link and plan what to do in Japan for 3 weeks.

I advise you to stay in Kansai(Kyoto, Osaka Region) somewhat longer than in Kanto(Tokyo) since there are more to see there, both modern and historical :)
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don't fret! 2008/1/4 07:43
Please don't be overwhelmed by the huge choices of places and sights in Japan. Think about a tourist coming to your country and asking you for advice: you would only recommend him/ her a few " typical" places,not to run ragged all around your country(you likely haven't seen everything yourself in your own country or even home town. I know I haven't)
The first time I went to Japan I visited the Kansai region only(Direct flights from my home town)and EVERYTHING fascinated me! not just the famous temples and castles but
the tiny shrines between 2 houses, the houses themselves, the huge number of bikes by the railways stations, the elevated railway and freeways, the department stores and especially their food floor, the huge video screen on buildings etc. In other words only choose a few "must see" places and discover the amazing variety of so-called common sights (the way they park cars in the smallest spots possible, the numerous flower pots by a small store doorway etc.)
ALSO, IT TAKES LONGER THAN ONE THINK to go around a temple (often a temple has many buildings and gardens)and to walk, bus etc.from here to there so don't try to cram too many things each day.
and yes the Kansai is the best place to see the various faces of Japan. Enjoy your trip!
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