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shinkansen price from hakata to kobe 2007/12/30 18:55
My family is plannning to travel by shinkansen from hakata to kobe.How do I check the price for adult and kids ?Can I booked the ticket via internet? If it is possible, is the website in English? I'm confused about nonreserved seat in shinkansen, if the seats in shinkansen is not reserved , are we confirmed to have seats when we board the shinkansen? I ask this because the price between the reserve and nonreserve tickets [from one person experience ]is very big difference.
Thank you very much.
by sakinah  

Shinkansen tickets 2007/12/31 20:19

How do I check the price for adult and kids?

Hyperdia is one of the best sites for this.

Can I booked the ticket via internet?

No. You need to book in person at any major JR station.

I'm confused about nonreserved seat in shinkansen, if the seats in shinkansen is not reserved , are we confirmed to have seats when we board the shinkansen?

No. That is why they are called "non-reserved". If seats are available in the non-reserved cars, you can sit down. If not, you have to stand.
If you want to be guaranteed a seat, you should reserve seats in advance. If you are travelling in a group, then I would recommend this.

I ask this because the price between the reserve and nonreserve tickets [from one person experience] is very big difference.

You may be misreading the information you have seen. Generally, the difference is only 510 yen on the shinkansen. If you are using the Japan Rail Pass, reservations are free of charge.

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. 2008/1/1 02:51
Can I booked the ticket via internet?

Yes. JR East, that serves Tokyo and Northeastern part of Japan, have such a service, but you need to first get a membership, then make reservations in Japanese. No English available on it. What is more, you need to collect an actual paper ticket issued on the basis of the online booking at any designated station. So it's not practical.

The difference of prices between the reserved and unreserved seats is about 1,000yen for adult, and 500yen for child. If you are a family of two adults and two children, the difference is 3k yen in total, which might not be neglected, especially if you're budget conscious.

Two Nozomi trains and at least one Hikari train originate at Hakata toward Kobe every hour, and each train has three unreserved cars, that means if you queue up for the carriage for 30 minutes, you're very likely to get seats, UNLESS YOU'RE TRAVELING BY THIS WEEKEND. It's one of the busiest periods in a year on Japanese public transport.

I've written up the comment on the assumption that you don't buy a JR pass. If you do, that's another story.
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Shinkansen 2008/1/1 03:51
we travelled from Hiroshima to Hakata and back one day last October and reserved our seats each time 10 minutes before departure. Because we had a pass reservation was free. depending how many times you travel and how far a pass is often worthwhile (we had a JR 4 days Sanyo pass good on all shinkasens including the Nozomi. we eventually ended up in Kobe too.
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Thanks for shinkansen info[Hakata Kobe] 2008/1/1 09:40
Dear optimistk, red frog and Dave.... your information is very much appreciated.Its very helpful for me.

As I am going back to my own country in March, and planning to travel by shinkansen just for once or the most twice, so I supposed its not worthwhile to buy the JR pass ,am I right?
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. 2008/1/1 11:07
Happy New Year!

Judging from your wording, you seem to be an expat currently living in Japan. If that's the case, you aren't qualified to buy the rail pass in the first place. It's designed mainly for foreign toursts to Japan on a short stay, and must be bought outside of Japan.

Anyway, the price for a return trip between Hakata and Shin-Kobe is nearly on par with that for a seven-day rail pass, so you don't need to be discouraged. :-)

Happy travels.
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Discount ticket 2008/1/1 11:16
As stated above, if you're making a return trip from Fukuoka to Kobe, you can buy a special discount return ticket for 26,200 yen with reservations. It's valid for 7 days, and everyone can buy the ticket.
For details, ask at Hakata Station.
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More info on shinkansen 2008/1/1 11:21
Dear Optimistk

I'm really astonished for your quick response. Yes I've been in Japan for almost 3 years, we are in Kyushu now. Unfortunately, we haven't got the chance to board a shinkansen yet. Before going back to Malaysia, we hope to experience it, at least once.
Our plan is to travel from Hakata to Kobe, later after one day , from Kobe to Kansai before departure to my country. If I want to save some money , any option for me to get a special price train ticket, for one way trip, whether on shinkansen or lets say, limited express? [ just in case my budget is not enough for shinkansen]
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. 2008/1/1 18:53
If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider flying from Fukuoka to Osaka rather than taking a Shinkansen train. Will work out much cheaper. Check ANA site. Prices available from 10,000 yen.

There is alternatively a cheapish tour bus service, but considering the fact that you'll be traveling with small children, a long journey isn't recommended.

If you want to travel on the Shinkansen as cheaply as possible and at any costs before you leave Japan, just take it between Hakata and Kokura when you are on a day off. It's only 2,050 yen each way. Then return to Hakata on a rapid train for 1,110 yen. The Nozomi runs at least 285km/h even on a short distance.

I wonder why you don't fly out of Fukuoka with Singapore Airlines. They have a 5 flights a week, and gives a very sophisticated service as you know. Then transfer to a short flight to KLIA. It's much better option, in my opinion.
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Correction 2008/1/1 18:55
Prices available from 10,000 yen FOR MARCH on ANA site.
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between shinkansen and flight 2008/1/1 19:20
Dear Optimistk

happy new year to you.

I'm so grateful for your information. I might try as you suggested , shinkansen from hakata to kokura , just to get the feel on shinkansen. As to why I do not choose flight from Fukuoka to Malaysia, its because my government only sponsor MAS flight which is not available in Fukuoka, thus the nearest is Kansai.
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