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Early 70's Kid show. Ping pung pong? 2007/12/31 08:20
Hi all,

I lived in Japan for 4 years. Watching many a great show. I just had the theme song from a Live TV series pop in my head. I know I'm mispelling it but I remember it sounding like ping pung pong.. Something like that. If my addled brain can remember it correctly, it had kids going to a place where they just had fun together. Maybe even a gameshow? Just kids no grownups.

To put a timeline on it: I moved back to the states in '74. So to put it in an Ultraman Perspective: Taro was on.. LOL. So I get to the states and was treated to 7 Zark 7 and the fun that was an edited "Battle of the Planets"..

Thanks all!!!
by Steve  

... 2007/12/31 21:17
I think it is "pin pon pan" aired from 60's to 80's on Fuji TV.
(sorry, this is a Japanese page)
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You Tube 2008/1/1 02:58
Search in Japanese "ピンポンパン”
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Kyouko Ishige? 2008/1/1 10:06
Do you remember this woman? She had been hostess of the program (Pin Pon Pan) from 1971 to 1976.
Successive hostess

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Wow... That's all I can say 2008/1/3 14:45
I'm fairly positive that has to be it. My head is still swimming with the theme song (that I used to have the 45 for). I'd love to hear it again.

I brought back soooo many toys that I was the envy of all my friends. Listeneing and watching the Taro link that was posted was incredible. Also Raindrops keep falling on my head, never sounded better :)

Thanks All!!!
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