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Non-Jpns hard 2 rent aparment in Japan 2008/1/1 01:41
I was wondering if there is anyone who's been in Japan and staying there for a number of years has problem in finding a place to stay? is there a time when you are worried that you don't have any place to stay at all?

I heard some people at first were being told that there are rooms by the agent and when the agent found out that they are not Japanese, they told them that they are no rooms available. Has anyone experienced this before?
What did you do in that sort of situation?
Thank you
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... 2008/1/1 09:08
You should have no problems in case of weekly/monthly mansions like Leopalace (nationwide) or foreigner targeted housing (mainly Tokyo):
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apartments 2008/1/1 10:06
It depends on the landlord- some will rent to foreigners, many will not. It helps if you can speak Japanese as the landlords often worry about communication problems.

As above, if you go with the agencies that cater for foreigners it is much easier. Also have a look at www.kimiwillbe.com , an information centre which has apartment listings for the Tokyo area.

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