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How to send email to ybb.co.jp? 2008/1/1 05:47
i had a friend from japan gave me his email like this
" xxx.****@ybb.co.jp " tried sending but failed. no such server according to the mail reply.

i did some research, ybb.co.jp it seems associated with Yahoo Broadband in japan. quite complex system. anyone can help to clear my doubts? is my friend's email wrong? with the " xxx " in front of his email?Thanks in advance
by Wee  

... 2008/1/1 14:09
I cannot say anything about the part before the @, but you might want to try:
and see if it goes through.
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but failed 2008/1/1 16:00
hey, thx for helping, just wanna ask is that kinda email is to do with phone email?

still failed :( , i assume he is not giving wrong email. but i wonder why i cant send at all.
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. 2008/1/1 19:13
@ybb.ne.jp is a PC email account for Yahoo! ADSL users.

You can also try @yahoo.co.jp (Yahoo! free email address, like @yahoo.com in US).
If the recipient is a Yahoo! ADSL user, both addresses should work same way.

Neither has to do with phone email.
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its a question also 2008/8/7 18:53
can i ask something...??how can i send e mail to my korean friend..??i had already tried sending him but still it is failure..pls help me
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. 2008/8/7 18:56
How does it fail?
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failure 2008/8/7 19:23
according to mail reply their no such server...whats wrong with it.?
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. 2008/8/8 07:09
Possible reasons are: mail address is wrong, mail service was discontinued, mail server is out of order for a long time, etc.

What is the mail address (only after @)?
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