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From Tennoji station to Kyoto? 2008/1/1 16:57
Osaka City
Hi i will be staying at a hotel near Tennoji station in Osaka. Does anyone know if i can i take a JR train from Tennoji to Kyoto?

I know another way to Kyoto is from Osaka station, take JR Kyoto Line special Rapid Service to Kyoto. Which way is the fastest and cheaper way?
by Angie  

... 2008/1/2 09:31
It depends on where in Kyoto you are heading to.

For Kyoto Station:
The best is by subway from Tennoji to Umeda/Osaka and then by JR special rapid to Kyoto (50 minutes, 810 yen). Alternatively, there are much more expensive, direct Haruka limited express trains (40 minutes, 1830 yen for unreserved seats).

For Kyoto Downtown along Shijo Dori:
Take the Midosuji Subway Line to Nishinakajimaminamigata Station and transfer to Hankyu to Kyoto (transfer to a limited express along the way to save some time). To Kawaramachi in central Kyoto it takes abot one hour and costs 660 yen.

For western Kyoto along the Keihan Line:
Take the JR Loop Line to Kyobashi and then Keihan to Kyoto. For example, to Sanjo Station, it takes about an hour and costs 570 yen.
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to Kyoto 2008/1/2 09:41
Tennoji JR station is a main stop for many JR trains. You can train the fast Haruka limited express there for Kyoto (it doesn't stop at JR Osaka station). You may have to reserve your seat as it starts at Kansai airport and could be crowded. This is the fastest way. There are slower and cheaper trains from Tennoji to Kyoto.try www. Hyperdia.com it gives you various choices of trains and the prices.
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not to Nishinakajima-minamigata 2008/1/2 12:18
For Kyoto Downtown along Shijo Dori:
Take the Midosuji Subway Line to Umeda station(not to Nishinakajima-minamigata) and tranasfer Hankyu Umeda station. Hankyuufs Limited express doesnft stop at Minamikata station.
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... 2008/1/2 17:59
I suggested to transfer at Nishinakajima/Minamigata instead of Umeda because the transfer in Umeda takes more time and is more confusing than the transfer at Nishinakajima/Minamigata Station. Umeda is a huge, busy and confusing station complex, while the transfer at Nishinakajima/Minamigata Station is straight forward. A transfer to a limited express train later on is also easy (same platform). Or just stay abroad the local train, in which case the journey takes an additional 15 minutes.

Of course, boarding at Umeda also has some advantages, for example, in having a better opportunity for seats during busy times of the day and the reduced number of transfers.
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Transfer 2008/1/2 21:10
I second train changes at Nishinakajima-Minamigata (Midosuji Line station name)-Minamikata (Hankyu station name). It's much simpler than Umeda. Make sure you enter the Kyoto-bound platform on Hankyu's side, as there are two entrances depending on which direction you are heading.
If you happen to take the local train, alight at Awaji, the second stop and wait for the next limited express to Kawaramachi, which will show up in 2 minutes. If you catch the semi express train, transfer to the limited express at Takatsukishi. The semi express yields the way to the limited express there. All the trains run every ten minutes.

If you want to secure a seat all the way to Kyoto Kawaramachi, change trains at Umeda. All the Hankyu's limited express trains originate there. Although I have implied that Umeda is much more complicated terminus station, it's much less confusing and less busy than Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. Not that difficult. Just follow the signs toward "Hankyu Railway".
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