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Passport re-entry question. 2008/1/2 05:30
This is probably a really dumb question but I searched and did not find anything pertaining to this.
I will be flying from the US to Tokyo and staying in Japan for 2 weeks. I will then fly from Tokyo to Sydney and stay in Australia for a month. Then head back to Tokyo for another week then back to the US.
Would I be granted re-entry? Would I have to pay some sort of fee?
Or is this perfectly fine? Any help would be much appreciated.
by Dan17  

... 2008/1/2 09:57
I suspect that "temporary visitors" are not able to get re-entry permits. Why would you want to?
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Re-entering 2008/1/2 11:28

This is quite normal, and you should have no problems entering a second time. There is no fee or anything you need to pay.
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No problem 2008/1/2 21:12
You will just be given a new tourist permit when you arrive back in Japan. They may ask you why you are in Japan again so soon, but most likely they won't pay any extra attention to you at all.
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