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Bus from Wakkanai to Abashiri 2008/1/2 11:27
I am re-visiting Hokkaido this Feb08. The last time when I was at Wakkanai, I foung out that there was direct bus which travel along the coast to Abashiri from the Wakkanai bus station near the train station. Unfortunately I lost the info which I have collected. Can anyone help me on this?
by Grace  

... 2008/1/2 12:01
I am not aware of a direct bus. But there are local buses along the entire coast. So, with transfers along the way, you can do the journey by bus along the coast.
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... 2008/1/2 12:16
We also wanted to do that route. We checked with the local Hokkaido Representative Office in my country, were also told there are no direct bus nor train services between Wakkanai and Abashiri. A bus transfer in-between some of the coastal cities like Monbetsu is possible.
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Thanks 2008/1/2 14:53
Thank you both for your replies. Do you know of any website which I can find details of the local bus route from Wakkanai to Abashiri?
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... 2008/1/2 17:45
I don't think it can be done by bus within one day. And it looks like you have to change buses five times along the way. Not sure whether it is practical:

1) Soya Bus from Wakkanai Station to Hamatombetsu (lڕ): 4 connections per day, 3 hours, 2210 yen

2) Soya Bus from Hamatombetsu to Esashi (}K): 6 buses per day, 45 minutes, 700 yen

3) Soya Bus from Esashi to Oumu (Y): 3-5 buses per day, 80 minutes, 1930 yen

4) Hokumon Bus from Oumu to Monbetsu (): 5 buses per day, 70 minutes, 1210 yen

5) Hokumon Bus / Hokkaido Kitami Bus from Monbetsu to Nakayubetsu (N): 9 buses per day, 1 hour, 860 yen

6) Abashiri Bus from Nakayubetsu to Abashiri: 3-4 buses per day, 2 hours, 2350 yen

According to the current timetable:

09:08 depart Wakkanai
12:10 arrive Nakatombetsu

14:10 depart Nakatombetsu
14:55 arrive Esashi

16:00 depart Esashi
17:07 arrive Oumu

18:05 depart Oumu
19:15 arrive Monbetsu

From Monbetsu, you could catch a bus to Engaru Station and then ride a limited express train to Abahsiri within the day. Otherwise, I recommend to spend the night in Monbetsu and continue the next day:

08:15 depart Monbetsu
09:08 arrive Nakayubetsu ("Nakayubetsu Bunka Center" bus stop)

09:15 depart Nakayubetsu
11:26 arrive Abashiri
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In Appreciation 2008/1/2 23:21
Thank you very mich Uji for your detailed information. I will stick to JR train plan
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... 2008/1/3 11:16
My search ended with the similar bus route from Wakkanai to Engaru without the time table and pricing. It came with photos of different buses plying along the route. It puzzled me without knowing three different local bus companies , Soya, Hokumon and Abashiri are in operation between the different routes from Wakkanai to Abashiri. Thanks a lot for the information, it definitely helps my coming visit to this area.
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