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Which softbank phones feature t9? 2008/1/2 16:26
I am looking to buy a phone on Yahoo auction. I can't live without T9 dictionary and was wondering what phones may be available with t9.

So far I have found 904t and 911t, but I would be really happy to know of any other models that feature the very helpful t9 feature. Thanks Everyone!
by No fun without T9  

. 2008/1/3 00:09
802N/703N/804N/705N/706N/811T/705T seem to have T9.
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thanks a lot 2008/1/3 12:15
I recommend to everyone that uses phone emails to get a phone with t9. My first phone had it and my second didn't and it was much more of a hassle replying to emails.
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Current Softbank phones? 2009/5/22 13:07
Which current Softbank phones have T9? I'm looking at a White Plan and I'd like a phone I can actually text with...
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