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Nice place to spend in Easter? 2008/1/2 18:48

This has happened:

I met a nice and friendly girl during my vacation in Japan in October. (delayed summer vacation)

Shes 33, well educated and is a nurse , English major, she went alone for the weekend to relax and visit shrines (praying,not photographing),
so she seemed conservative, not a partygirl. Im 31, m from W.Europe and also have a "career" job.I have no problem that shes (unsignificant) older than me,
I thought she was 27-28 when we met.

To make a long story short, we met a couple of times before I went home, we had good chemistry and would like to meet again.

I've told her when my Easter vacation lasts this year (I can get 12 days off this year March 12th - March 25th),
and she responded that she will gladily rent a car so we can go somewhere I'd like to go. She has offered to arrange a trip. (20th - 23th)

I would like to go skiing, I love skiing, and will make me look good (^_^). Not been in the Japanese Alps either.
Where is the best place to go, maybe combining it with onsen/ryokan , good restaurant etc.? It should not be far away from Tokyo,
but not to close. It's late in the skiing season too, so should be a place with a lot of snow. The slopes don't have to be worldclass
(she's not a experienced skier), I'm thinking the place should not be too easy available with train, and not to crowded.
I think it would be better travelling with car, (can be more personal) ?

Should I let her book hotels/ryokans/onsens , once I've made my mind what to do? If she books double rooms,
I will see it as a "green light", if I do it, she maybe freaks out/thinks I'm expecting to much whatever.
She has shown a proper facade but clearly likes me, so it's not easy to know what to expect. What's the normal procedure in Japan?
I prefer paying for dinner, 50/50 for everything else. She has earlier payed for coffee shops and one dinner.
She knows the language, so it will make it easier to let her do the work and find the good places, but is it a good idea?

The first (short) weekend, i found on another site someone recommended a place called Mitakesan, with traditional Shojin ryori restaurants
(she loves that), great nature, shrines etc.etc. I'm wondering if the area will be gray in March (to early for the flowering season)?

I would like to get other suggestions to where to go, others experiences, comments etc. Will spend weekday evenings in Tokyo,
so spending the two weekends in Tokyo is out of the question. Even if it doesn't work out I still want to say I've had a good vacation.

... 2008/1/4 23:09
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