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Getting a spouse visa from Hong Kong 2008/1/2 19:16
Hi, I'm about to move to Tokyo to work as a freelance journalist. I"m already married to a Japanese national - but the ceremony was in Hong Kong, around 2 years ago. I also got married in Tokyo 1 year ago. Can anybody give advice on how to ensure I get a spouse visa reasonably fast in Japan? Should I be doing something with my consulate in Hong Kong?
by Adze  

... 2008/1/2 23:44
I don't know what you mean by you got married in HK once then another time in Tokyo, but in any case, have you reported the marriage either as:

(1) A Hong Kong marriage based on HK law, reported after the fact to the Japanese consulate or the city hall where your Japanese spouse lived at the time?
(2) more recently, upon your Tokyo marriage, reported the Tokyo marriage (not the ceremony, but the legal stuff) under the Japanese law?

If either (1) or (2) has been done, meaning the marriage has been reported/authorized under the Japanese law, all you need to show the marriage is the "koseki tohon" (certifiied copy of your Japanese spouse's family register, showing the marriage to you). For other papers, please see the Ministry of FOreign Affairs website section on "visa."
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