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Money and post office ATMs 2008/1/2 19:25
So.... My wife and i are down to our last 2000yen because for some reason the last two days we havent been able to withdraw money from the post office ATMs (both Kyoto and Himeji). Anyone have any idea why? Is it the holidays? Where else can we get money. We have to head back to Tokyo tomorrow to get our flight out of the country
by Paul  

... 2008/1/2 19:43
Try to use an ATM in a 7-Eleven convenience store.

Or phone your bank, because they might have blocked your card due to suspicion of theft (because of the sudden use overseas).
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Money and post office ATMs 2008/1/2 20:00
Have tried the 7-11s. No luck. My wifes card not working either. We are both from Aus. We dont get the visitor withdrawel option at post office ATMs which we did before. Just asks for us to insert card
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Credit card 2008/1/2 20:23
If you have a credit card, go to any of JR ticket counter to buy a ticket to all the way to Narita Airport. Every JR company's station accepts credit cards, I believe.
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backup system running? 2008/1/2 21:04
My daughter had the same problem with Germany. Try another time to get the money. Maybe your Bank in Australia has running backup system. This was the reason my daughter did not get money. A few hours later it worked!
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