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Working Holiday Visa 2008/1/2 23:46
I need advice on which option i should choose! Here is my problem... i have been traveling the world for a year now and i decided about 4 months ago that i would like to move to Tokyo and live/work for a year... i read that i could get a holiday work visa with my Canadian passport.... i also found out that i can ONLY get the visa in my home country (Canada) But i was in India when i found this out and i already had a flight to TOkyo.... so i am now here on a 90 day tourist visa. So here are my options to get my work visa.

#1. Fly back to Canada for a week and get the visa and then fly back (cost $2000 for flights and hotels,food) Not cheap.

#2. Dont leave and look for work and try to find a company to sponsor me but it might take a while and i would spend even more.

#3. Fly to bangkok and get visa (still not sure if this is possible... i have heard mixed reviews)

#4. find a Japanese girl to Marry me... (probably way more work then its worth)

I dont want to spend a lot of time in Tokyo without being able to work since its soo expensive. Also one more question about the holiday work visa... im 30 years old... and on the Japanese embassy website they say you must be 18 to 30 at the time of applying for the visa... so if i apply for the visa say in March and my 31st birthday is august does that mean i can still work even though i turned 31? From the wording on the website it means as long as your 30 at the time you apply.

Any ideas would be great.

Thanks again
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... 2008/1/3 12:15
#4 is outrageous.
#2 is almost out of the question, because if you come without the Working Holiday Visa, that means your employer in Japan has to (provided that you are qualified) sponsor you for a full work-permitting visa, which does take time. Note that the types of work you can do on a Working Holiday Visa and other work-permitting visa types are different; the purpose of Working Holiday Visa is to help people experience somewhat extensive traveling AND allow them a way to help with the expenses.
#3 I do not know if this is possible at all. Please check with the Embassy of Japan in the country where you are.
#1 sounds like the only decent option.
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WHV 2008/1/3 13:55
You can only get a working holiday visa in your home country (so the Thai option won't work) and it takes more than a week usually. You will either have to commit to going back to Canada for longer, or find a company to sponsor you for a full work visa in Japan.
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