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Muscle on Women 2008/1/3 14:00
I'm going to Japan [tokyo] in June, and I'm worried about something.

I am female, about 5'8" tall, 20 y/o, and I am a bodybuilder. I have a fair amount of muscle on my body, and I am wondering how the Japanese view strong women.

To give you an example, I have muscle a lot like the girl in this picture:

I have muscle on my legs like that. My biceps and forearms are a little bigger. When I have a shirt and normal shorts or pants on, no one really notices. However, I have veins running up my arms, very noticeable.

In general, if I were to go to an onsen [sp?] or take a public bath, go to the beach in a bathin suit, etc. how would Japanese people reach to my muscle?

I am definately not doing anything to make it overly noticeable, but I tend to get odd looks in the states, so I'm really woried about the attention I'll get in Tokyo.

Thanks for your answers in advance.
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how you look 2008/1/3 14:48
Tokyo is a vast city and there are all kinds of people living and visiting the city. So you are not as outstanding as you think. Don't worry.
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Muscles 2008/1/3 15:44
There are lots of gyms in Japan, especially in Tokyo and other major towns, and there are female bodybuilders with various degrees of muscularity so you will not be the only one. Obviously it also depends on how you dress! if you go around everywhere dressed as in the picture you posted people will notice you more than if you wear tops with short wide sleeve and longer shorts.
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Don't Worry. 2008/1/4 00:40
You can go to a beach with a swim suit or you can bath in an onsen. A female Japanese diving instructor I did some pool dives with was muscular, too. As mentioned in a previous message, gyms are very popular in Japan. Having a good body is accepted in Japan.
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Thanks 2008/1/4 03:26
Thank you very much for your replies. I definitely don't dress like in that picture ;p

I'm not as nervous now, thank you.
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