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US ID Theft Protection & JPN Banks 2008/1/4 14:00
I was wondering what to do. Currently a computer with all my county's social security numbers and other vital information was stolen from our election commission. So I am thinking about putting a freeze on my account information. But that means I can't open any bank accounts. But I am moving to Japan in 6 months so I will need to open a bank account...
So here is my question...

When you open a bank account in Japan... will it have anything to do with my credit information or social security information back in the states? If it is totally separate then no problem. I can freeze my assets here and go to Japan and open an account without any problem... But if it is connected with my US credit history then I probably can't.

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... 2008/1/4 14:09
They are totally different systems. I would put holds on your US accounts immediately.
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Not related 2008/1/4 14:20
All you need to open an account in Japan is your alien registration card which you apply for at the city office once you are set up in Japan. Neither the bank nor the city office will check information anywhere outside Japan.
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crazy I know... 2008/1/4 14:24
Yeh I just learned about... freaking crazy! There was a laptop in an unguarded room... sitting on a desk... no encryption no nothing... it was on the HD not on a server like that stuff should have been. Bet it is just some excel file with a blank password... My state is filled with idiots... no wonder Bush won 2 elections.

So they have nothing to do with each other at all? What about the IRS and stuff do they know how much you are making? I know very little about the finances and working in Japan sadly...
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... 2008/1/4 17:04
Japan and the US as a whole are two completely separate entities that don't really share all that much personal information on any level, the logistics would be ridiculous.

Anyway, what this means to you is that your life in Japan is essentially separate from your live in the US. They only care when it comes to tax reporting time and visa issues, and then the reporting is up to you.

A downside, for example, is that you can't get car insurance discounts because you have no Japanese driving history.
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