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Rukia Confess her feelings for ichigo? 2008/1/6 03:21
i saw this question on here

the first answer says that rukia told ichigo how she feels about him after he makes a bet with hitsugaya. Is this in the second movie, or a chapter or episode? I have been going crazy looking everywhere on the internet for where it would have this. Im guessing its in the second movie, but please anyone who knows anything about this, please tell me!! Like what does she tell Ichigo, and stuff like that. Any links that say this would be a big help too.
by allie897  

... 2008/1/6 17:05
The URL you posted did't go anywhere. Can you at least post the name of a movie?
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.. 2008/1/6 22:11
I think he's talking about the Anime series BLEACH.
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well 2008/1/6 22:35
that would be a conflict. Orihime already said she liked him... but she was invisible and he was sleeping....

I just caught up to the series. Watching it to pass my winter break away.
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