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Fat in Japan! 2008/1/6 13:25
I've always wondered what people view as "fat" or "average" in different countries, since I live in America. -.-
I'm 5'5'' and 116 pounds and a size 0-4. (Depends on the store).
What size would I be in Japan?
I also ask this because I plan on living in Japan one day and I don't to be looked upon as fat. D:
by SmacyGra  

You are slim in Japan too. 2008/1/6 15:56
You would hardly be looked on as fat anywhere with those numbers. A size 0 is tiny. I am 5'9" and weigh about 130 lb, I take a US 6 and often get told how slim I am. You would be average to slim in Japan.

Don't get too worried about your weight and body image, I'm sure you know that that is the way to an eating disorder. Be happy in your body, I'm sure you are beautiful.
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. 2008/1/6 18:08
In Japan "fat" is basically America's average. I have attended high school in Japan before, and many girls who to me looked perfectly fine were called fat and/or teased.

One situation I remember clearly in while in a car, my friend spotted her neighbor walking down the street and said "It's ---! She's so fat!". Everyone in the car laughed a bit, but I just found it dead wrong.

But seeing how skinny most Japanese people are (probably due to food choices, genes, bicycle usage, and nearly all students walking/biking to school from elementary level) it's understandable for the average to be lower.

At the moment I have a female friend living in Japan who weighs at least 300 pounds, I worry for her sometimes but she tells me she's having the time of her life. So being overweight doesn't necessarily mean you will be mistreated.
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no way 2008/1/6 22:24
There's no way that they'll consider you fat.

to give you an idea: I'm 5'3" and around 115-120 pounds. In America, i'm below average. In Japan, i'm just simply normal.

Proportionally, you are much skinnier than me. So you'd still be thin. As for your size though, try a S or M size. They don't really follow numbers like in America. For me, I'm an M. (in america an S) Further proof that i'm average weight and size in Japan.
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no prob 2008/1/7 10:04
You will be about average in the cities, probably slimmer than most if you live in the suburbs/country. I am 5'5'' and 125, and I am on the chubby side of average here. :) M and some S sizes should fit you perfectly.
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No reason to worry 2008/1/7 11:52
Hi SmacyGra

I'm a very large girl - size 18 in American sizing.

I've been to a few places in Japan and wasn't harrassed, stared at or anything.

I received wonderful friendly service wherever I went. The people were helpful and always polite.

You are of slim to average build, so I am sure the only looks you might get are from admiring men :)
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Well... 2008/1/8 12:08 about my friend? He's like 5'10, but about 225 pounds. I think he thinks he'd have to be quite ashamed, seeing how many Japanese are "skinny", or just smaller in general.
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Self Esteem 2008/1/8 12:51
I'm no sure why you think your friend should or would feel ashamed?

I cannot visualise weight in pounds (its all in kilograms in Australia) but he doesn't sound that big.

Either way, the most important thing to remember is being happy being yourself. Who cares what others think if you are happy and healthy?

If people tease or stare that is their bad manners and their problem - not yours and not your friend's.

Again, when in Japan I have been treated with nothing but kindness, professionalism and politeness. I am large enough that I cannot buy women's clothes at normal stores, if that gives you an idea. Plus I am very tall.

Japanese people tend to ere on the side of politeness over meanness or teasing. Strangers are rarely harassed.
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let's not use the F word 2008/1/8 14:12
Zing Zing not all Japanese are slim! you forget about Sumo wrestlers! there are also quite a few mature Japanese men who are husky. By the way giving someone weight is meaningless as 2 people of the same height and weight can look completely different depending on their build (muscular/athletic versus soft, pudgy. I have seen 250 lbs men with narrow waists and 180 lbs men with wide waists and hips.
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large girls 2008/1/8 20:53
I've seen large girls as well. Some of them are even dressed like Little Bo Peep!!! Or black Lolita Goth. So if you thought being large was bad or embarrassing, apparently these girls don't care enough to go as far as dressing up to the extreme.
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Thanks!! 2008/1/9 12:06
Thanks for all the responses, really helped me. Glad to know I'd be average. Thanks again!
: D
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Normal. 2008/1/10 03:50
I'm 5'0" and 100lbs .. I take a size 0 - 1 jean and everyone there was saying "omg, you're sknny I expected you to be fat!" ... I saw some girls in Japan who looked about 300lbs ... it's true most are skinny, but that means you'll fit in.

In Japan I fit perfectly in all the "one size fits all" sizes which seem to be everywhere and was still a small in tops. Bottoms i'd think you'd be a M as I was. I was a little surprised at this since in America I have like no hips but in Japan no hips mean the literal.
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