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Proper Display of Kanji Tattoo 2008/1/6 14:26
Hello All,

I am facing a dilemma at the moment. I would like to get a tattoo that says "Daughter of the Moon" along my hip line (so that;s its out of sight and easy to hide.) However, I would like to make sure that display is correct (as in vertical or horizontal.) Does anyone know what the proper display should like.?

Thank you very much.
by Elequendi  

Form is most important 2008/1/6 16:07
Either is fine, Japanese is written both top to bottom and left to right depending on the situation. What you should be far more concerned about is that the characters themselves are correct, and formed correctly- I have seen far too many badly written, meaningless or plain wrong kanji tattoos before. Make sure you have a Japanese or Chinese person check the characters first- don't take the tattooist's word that he/ she knows how they should be written.
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find a tattoist 2008/1/6 17:36
Elequendi, first off I can't imagine a good poetic kanji translation for "daughter of the moon."

But if you must, in any case ask for reputations and find a TATTOOIST who knows proper kanji. Don't rely on kanji examples made by someone else, because the tattooist is just going to ruin it while trying to immitate it on your body.

Also keep in mind that even if you manage to hide your tattoo with your underwear, you are likely to be refused enterance at a public onsen bath in Japan if you ever decide to enjoy one.

(Now, let's see what Dave in Saitama has to say about this question :))
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... 2008/1/6 21:27
Japanese writing can go either top to bottom or left to right. However, please be sure that the individual kanji is positioned correctly, meaning, please be sure not to turn the individual letters 90 degrees around or something when you change the writing from vertical to horizontal or vice versa (this can happen particularly when you have a hiragana in your tattoo, which you will definitely have with the phrase you are thinking of). And as others have said, please be sure you have the words correct, and oh please think about the font style/script style as well.... if you must have the words in Japanese, that is.
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Thank You 2008/1/6 22:10
Thank you very much for answers. Its helped me determine what I will get done. I will settle for Moon-tsuki. I have checked this "symbol" against many sources, the internet, two or three books, and one of my teachers.

To specifically address Uco, thank you for the concern about the onsen. I won't hid the tattoo with my underwear (the location is just for general location, where it will not offend anyone in particular.) It will simply be there. If the onsen refuses me entrance I will simply have to comply.

Once Again Thank You All For Help,

It has made this much easier.

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