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how old to go clubbing/drink? 2008/1/6 21:29
im wondering how old you have to be to go clubbing and drink in japan?
by Laura  

... 2008/1/7 09:41
20 years old for smoking and drinking. The clubs I have been to checked ids.
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clubs 2008/1/7 11:21
same age for clubs. Though you might not be checked when you buy a drink at the convenience store. My unuderage friends "get away" with it all the time.

Same for smoking. There's vending machines for them all over. Of course no one is monitering it. Though there's this new law in Tokyo where you can't walk and smnoke at the same time... so you might get caught underaged and breaking that law...which might mean a ticket or a simple "don't do it again" friendly warning. So be careful of that.
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I.D. 2008/1/7 12:07
I've been to many bars and some clubs and my ID has never been checked once.

This happens often for foreigners, but I have met many Japanese guys in bars who are underage as well.
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Change 2008/1/7 13:17
I read recently that the drinking/ smoking age will be lowered to 18 sometime in the near future, I'm not sure when though.
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... 2008/1/7 15:17
Supposedly in 2 years, but unverified.

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