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Intra-company transfer 2008/1/7 11:07
I currently work for a huge company that has offices in Japan (I'll give you a hint, it's mascot is a mouse with the initials MM) :)

I'm looking at possibly transferring to the Japanese branch. My boss is supportive of this and I don't think companywise I'll have a big problem. But I'm curious if I may have a snag, I only have an HS diploma and about a year and half of college under my belt. I know usually for a work visa you need a 4 year diploma, but when I look at intra-company transfer on the Japanese Consulate site, I don't see anything about them requiring a 4 year degree. Can anyone help me shed some light on this?
Thank you.
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I'm no lawyer but as far as I know.. 2008/1/7 13:50
If it's an intra-company (group) transfer, and the company/branch in Japan wants you for your skills and experiences which you cannot have acquired elsewhere, then it should be OK. Sometimes the company has to produce a lot of papers to prove that a person of your skills is definitely needed for the company's operation in Japan, so it might take a bit of time, but should not be a real obtacle.

In any case, it will be the companies (your current employer organization and the branch/entity in Japan) who will arrange for/sponsor you for the visa, so you just wait for the outcome :)
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Me too! 2008/1/8 09:25
I work in Japan with an Intra-company transfer visa. The degree is not an issue, but your qualifications to perform a certain job is required. Good luck!
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Intra Company to engineer visa 2008/5/19 18:03
I have Intra company visa and i am poised to get a new offer. How to convert my existing Intra company transfer visa to engineer visa without moving out of japan
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First stop- Immigration 2008/5/19 23:09
Find out from the Immigration office what documents you need, the go to immigration with those documents and apply.
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