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Japanese style bathtub 2008/1/8 00:39
I can't find bathtub unit we could buy here or even import from Japan. it doesn't have to be the modern type, anything even goemonburo! please give me some feed back.
by Minako McKenzie  

... 2008/1/8 09:37
where are you located?
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Japanese style bathtub 2008/1/28 16:20
Soko Hardware, San Francisco, 415-931-5510 has INAX models 902 and 802C. However, these are really small, old fashioned tubs measuring 800x600x590mm and 700x600x590mm respectively. My search is for a Japanese type soaker tub also. I want 21" water depth and ~40" of length. Let me know if you find something interesting.
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Japanese style bathtub 2008/1/28 16:26
I forgot to mention www.at-house.com . They're in LA.
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Soko Hardware 2010/3/7 09:46
I called Soko Hardware. They have the above two models listed plus a third (larger) one called the 1002c for 1395. They don't ship so that's a bummer.

We will probably get the Ofulo5 from bathtub-athouse

It's hard to find a Japanese soaker in the US! Good luck
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. 2010/3/8 03:38
Other options are those for elders that the side door opens for easy in/out. These are for upright bathing Japanese style. Just keep the side door closed until you get older. But the Japanese tub or any tub wastes tremendous fresh water. So another option is a hot tub. We enjoy daily this roten buro rain or shine, day or night, freezing winter or hot summer, always hot like onsen and saves water by changing every 3 months or so. And it has built in air bubble jets for massaging.
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