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Buffets in tokyo 2008/1/8 01:03
Tokyo 23-ku
like to find out if there are any restaurants with buffets in tokyo ? Maybe shinjuku areas or the usual touristy places that is easily reached by public transport.

Many thanks
by Kar  

... 2008/1/8 12:24
Buffets in what kinds of food? Most big hotels have a buffets restaurant. Keio Plaza in Shijuju and Shingagawa Prince in Shinagawa are particularly popular.
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buffets 2008/1/9 14:56
buffets in Japan are usually called "viking" I think..
by Sensei 2 rate this post as useful

.. 2008/1/9 17:30
buffets in japanese or international foodl. any recommendations that is not too expensive ? what is the price like ? thanks
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More suggestions 2008/1/9 17:59

The restaurant "Harvest" at the top of the Tobu Plaza building in Ikebukuro is all-buffet style with a mostly Japanese natural/vegetarian menu.
Also, many of the major Indian restaurant chains in Tokyo offer a buffet lunch.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Endless Supply of Buffets 2008/1/10 00:50
All-you-can-eat buffets (viking or "tabehoudai" style restaurants) are very popular in Japan and are found all over Tokyo. Shinjuku has many of them. They are available in all styles (including lavish dessert buffets!) and price ranges. As noted above, many large hotels have a buffet restaurant but these do tend to be pricey.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen a good listing of them in English. There is a Japanese site I like a lot, "Ikuko no tabehoudai daisuki", which has a great index and cross referencing system, and in my experience the data is generally pretty reliable (maintaining it must be quite time-consuming!). Here is the URL:

In English, the following site has a list of various restaurant guides:
You can surf around and maybe find some reviews.

The Harvest place Dave in Saitama mentioned is actually a nationwide chain, with many branches including several in the Tokyo area (but none in Shinjuku as far as I can tell). I've never eaten there but I'd like to try it! The prices are not terribly cheap but are quite reasonable (under 2000 for dinner, a little less for lunch).

If haven't picked any spots to try before you get there, maybe you can ask at your hotel, or ask people you meet for a recommendation. You will see some places while you're just walking around, but there a whole lot more tucked away and it's good to get recommendations.
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