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housing for family of six 2008/1/8 13:17
We are moving to Okinawa with three teenagers and ten year old. Any ideas on housing? We are used to 3,300 sq. ft and are in for a shock! Does anyone know of any five bedrooms or what entitlements we have on base. They are not the same there as they are here from what we can tell. We were told four bedroom approx 1200 sq. ft. Any advice on living in town? Thanks
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... 2008/1/8 17:55
This is not directly related to housing in Okinawa, but it might give you some ideas for people moving from the US to Japan...

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finding a home 2008/1/9 13:00
You might be able to find a five bedroom just hit the housing office as soon as you get to Japan and don't stop at just the housing office, try visiting some real estate offices out in town. My husband and I found a four bedroom house no problem, just remember that one of your bedrooms is likely to be a tatami room (straw mats) and so you'll want to be careful about what kind of furniture you place in it.

Depending on your OHA, you can find a house that suits most of your needs.

oh, try to find a house with a heater/ac unit in all the bedrooms...it gets very, very hot in the summer and kinda cold in the winter and there is no insulation.

good luck
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