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Work in Japan without.. 2008/1/8 14:46
Hello there! Please read this and if you can, help me out alittle. Would appricate it so much!

I am a 20 year old living Swedish guy in Tokyo, i went here on a language school 1 year course after graduating
high school, which means that i do not have a university degree. And the thing is that i am trying to find a work here in japan to
start on as my language school course ends this november.
Actually anything is alright as long as i can find a work and keep being in japan, who should i ask, where should i go,
what is your advice for me? There must be something in the whole great tokyo, right?
by Martin  

The mother of all FAQs? 2008/1/8 15:09

Am I correct in understanding that you want to stay on and work in Japan after your student visa expires in November this year?
Have you not read all the other hundreds of threads covering this topic? Unless you have a university degree or a Japanese spouse, just about your only options are to become a missionary or an exotic dancer - and I believe you need prior experience for the latter.
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