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A wesbite that reads people's minds? 2008/1/9 02:25
This may be a little late, but on Japanese T.V. in the spring and summer a website was featured on various shows where you can see what's on people's minds. For example: love, money, food, etc. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
by Joe  

Brain analysis 2008/1/10 13:41

I presume you mean this site...

It's purely for fun of course, but laughing about yours and other people's "brains" is a good ice-breaker at parties etc.

My brain is 95% occupied by sex apparently... :-o
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

- 2008/1/10 14:13
Thanks Dave, this is exactly what I was talking about. I didn't think anybody here would know. My brain was half wishing, half changes. Maybe because it's the new year?
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... 2008/1/11 09:59

They seem to have a few different ones?
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haha 2008/1/12 01:36
thanks so much! this is fun!!
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