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Translating an address for shipping 2008/1/9 02:28
Hey guys,

I'm beating myself up trying to translate this to english in order to use canadian shipping to japan... could you help me out?

The address I'm trying to write in english is:


Any assistance would be really appreciated! :D

by Kevin Clark  

translation for you? 2008/1/10 11:01
your address in english should be written:

Name Name
XXX-XXXX Aichi-ken
Nagoya-shi Showa-ku
Fukue X-X-XX-XXX

if all your information is on the "TO:" part (in english), the postoffice knows what to do, even if its in different order.

good luck.
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The order should be reversed 2008/1/10 13:16
While the letter would arrive if addressed as above, it's standard when writing an address in English to reverse the Japanese order and have smallest to largest (this is from Japan Post's guidelines).

So in this case,

xxx Navi Shirogane (could be Shirokane)
x-x-xx Fukue
Nagoya xxx-xxxx

With large cities to write the name of the prefecture also is not really necessary, you can write Aichi ken if you like after Nagoya but you don't have to.

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