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working in tokyo 2008/1/9 17:43
got an offer to work in tokyo with gross salary of 550,000 yen per month + 5,000 yen per-diem and accommodation provided

is that enough for a husband and a wife if wife isn't working ?

also I was told that tax need to be paid by my self personally, how much are we looking here ?

and if wife isn't working, is she still need to pay the ward/prefecture tax ?


by SandyPH  

? 2008/1/10 12:31
So you will be getting 550,000yen /month plus about 5000yen/day = around 700,000yen/month, with accommodation provided??

Should be no problem at all!!!
You'll lose about 100,000 or less in tax, including pension, social insurance, etc.
Will medical be provided?

You will still have to pay local regional tax later.
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her 2008/1/10 12:33
Oh, and if your wife is not working, she won't have to pay any tax, as she is your dependent.
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