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Is it hard getting a work permit? 2008/1/10 16:42
I want to work in Japan as an English teacher, I have figured out a lot of the details but one that stumps me is that when I go to the consult in my state to get a permit am I going to get refused?

I understand that it's different for everyone, but is there some kind of rate for it? Or does someone have any personal experience?

Please and thank you! :)
by MeganCrocker  

Work visa 2008/1/10 19:21

If you satisfy the basic requirements for the relevant working visa category laid out on the official Immigration website and you have found a potential employer willing to sponsor you, then you should have no real problems. Just in case you misunderstood the procedure, you don't get a working visa and then look for work; you have to find an employer first and then apply for a working visa. Generally, it will be your employer who will apply for the visa for you, so you don't really need to worry too much about the details.
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Forget it... 2008/1/10 19:29

I see from your other post that you are asking about applying for permission to work while studying on a student visa. In that case, the advice I posted above does not apply.
It would help greatly if you set out your details and questions concisely in one single post rather than scattering them around hippo style. The answers to all of your questions can be found by searching through the forum archives.
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I'm sorry. 2008/1/13 18:31
Ah, I'm sorry I thought it would be rude if I just posted everything in one big jumble of words.

I'm only considering doing my schooling in Japan, so I was just curious.

I was unaware of the fact that you have to have an employer first, so thank you for that information. Should I make a new post?
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Japan Workpermit 2008/1/17 20:57
I want to live and work in Japan. I want complete guidance and assistance.
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Immigration lawyer 2008/1/17 21:03

I want complete guidance and assistance.

Then I recommend you get the services of an immigration lawyer, either in your own country or in Japan. It will cost you money, of course, but they will guide you through the system.
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