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what Kind of Jobs 2008/1/10 20:26
I have just found out recently that I can't work as a nurse in Japan despite having a degree in that field. Apparently, Japanese government is very conservative when it comes to hiring foreign nurses. Anyway, Iam getting married soon to my Japanese boyfriend and moving up to Tokyo. I have already been there 5 times but that was for visiting purposes only. I have a nursing degree to my name at the moment and I have been told by my boyfriend that I need to go to Japanese school before I can attend one of the Japanese universities for further education.
Inspite of my boyfriend working, I still need a job for my own expenditures. what kind of jobs will I be able to get without any degrees? I am an Indian by the way but I speak perfect English. SOME HELP PLIZ.
by Aoi  

. 2008/1/11 10:28
Did you really expect to become a nurse in Japan without knowing the local language? Could someone from Ukraine go to India and become a nurse without knowing the local language?

Your written English is better than many native English speakers, but how is your pronunciation? If that's also "perfect" then you could probably become an English teacher. You could also try proofreading.
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Visa issue 2008/1/11 11:23
Your most important issue is which visa you would be staying on. Is your degree a Bachelor of nursing? If so then you will probably be eligible for a working visa, although I'm not sure on this as people who teach English or work in IT or finance here usually have a Bachelor of Arts or Science.

If it is not a Bachelor's degree then you are not eligible for a work visa. Are you an Indian citizen? If so then working holiday visa is also not an option. As you are not married you can't get a dependent visa, so that leaves student and cultural visa, both of which require full-time study and evidence of funds to support your stay in Japan.

Have a look at the Immigration website www.mofa.go.jp for more info on visas and requirements, and contact your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate as well.
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Aoi 2008/1/11 12:23
Aoi, I am unsure why your nursing degree is not enough to get a job. Could you ask your boyfriend what kind of "further education" you need?

Medically, procedures and practices don't change too much throughout industrialized nations so the only thing I'd see you needing to learn is local laws and the Japanese versions of medical jargon.

Do you speak Japanese fluently already?

Also, it's nice to hear of a steady relationship between a Japanese man and non-Japanese woman.
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what Kind of Jobs 2008/1/11 14:18
To Sira.
I will be settling in Japan with a spouse visa but I dont know if I will be permitted to work with a spouse visa.Could I??

To Jon
You are right. Speaking and writing English are two different things but I have had experience as a English tutor to 2 home stay Australian kids for 6months and then I was tutoring a year 2 Japanese girl part time while in Nursing school. I didn't have a qualification or any experience as a tutor but I was selected according to my merits. i don't know if the same things done in Japan or not.I don't think my reference will work there either. And Jon,one last thing, I'm not from India!

To Niko-chan
I know basic Japanese-enough to get me by day to day activities of daily living but its still not enough to get me a job as a nurse in Japan.

Thank you to all of you for answering my question.
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. 2008/1/11 18:01
So what country are you from? A bachelor's degree from an English speaking country is all you need to teach English here. With a spouse visa you might get hired even without the degree.
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what Kind of Jobs 2008/1/11 18:41
To answer your question Jon, I'm from Fiji Islands situated in the South Pacific. Our first language is English. Its mandatory for everyone to learn English from preschool.I would be surprised if you never heard of Fiji as it is one of the destinations for holidays around the world.
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