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Questions about language schools... 2008/1/11 15:01
Hi to everyone who sees this. I am a student who has absolutely no background in japanese language. However, I am thinking of attending a japanese language school and live in tokyo for approximately 1 or 2 years depending on how things turn out.

I would first like to know which language schools in the tokyo area are cheapest and do not require extensive education prerequisites. Of course, that being sad, those that offer very basic 1 year courses...

Secondly, if anyone could offer me insight on how I might be able to find a roommate in the tokyo area. If a japanese person with even only small background in english the better. (I'm assumming there might be some forums or chat sites)

Thirdly, I would like some personal opinions on whether or not I could manage to obtain part-time jobs. (One person I have attended college with who has experience living in tokyo for 2 years has told me that, because I speak and write fluent korean, english, french, and moderate spanish, it would easier for me to work at some sort of night-club...She also did say as last option I can definitely get part-time jobs in korean-town or tutor english as I have done so here in the states...)

Lastly, I guess this is the most important question I should be asking. I have approximately $22k in a brokerage account, and only 2-3k in a bank checking account. Is $25k sufficient enough to apply as independant without any supporting guardian?

Personally, I would greatly appreciate it if the second question can be answered thorougly, because I prefer to place myself in an unfamiliar envrionment with someone of japanese background I can communicate with hopefully everyday, rather than live in a dorm with persons of same situation as myself.
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. 2008/1/11 18:52
A few things I don't understand.
If you know korean, english, french fluently and spanish moderatly, that seems like a bright person to me.
Many language schools are geared towards teaching students (Mainly Korean and Chinese) students to enter Japanese universities, so it is very hard to find a school that only teaches "very basic courses" most if not all the ones that sponser student visas teach "extensive japanese".

Not sure of your educational backround but most want to see high school graduates, with reasonable grades. They review it, to see if you are a good student in the past etc.

As for part-time jobs, it depends on the job you get, working in a night club would certainly not usually be allowed depending on exactly what you did at the night club. Again back to what you said, you speak fluent Korean, english, french and moderate spanish, I'm sure there are 3 things right there that can get you a job much better then working in a night-club.

It would be very difficult to find someone who is Japanese to become your room mate, too many liabilities, however ifyou stayed at a guesthouse or dorm, yes there are people who are in a similar situation, but some of them have been there much longer then you have to give you tips and know the area to help you out. Not everyone at the guesthouse/hostel is going to be there new day 1 just like you are, I wouldn't worry about that part too much.

As for a language schools, not in Tokyo, but the Yasama Institute near Nagoya seems to get a lot of positive reviews, it is something you should look into.

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