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Sicko 2008/1/14 12:59
Does anyone know if this movie has been released in Japanese?

I want a friend of mine to see the movie; but his English isn't too great, especially for all of the technical terms used in the movies.

Whenever we go to the movies together I end up explaining everything to him as things happen. :P
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Re:Sicko 2008/1/14 13:46
Sicko by Michael Moore released August 25,2007 in Japan.

But now you can't see this movie at the theater.
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US 2008/1/14 13:52
Do you have any idea where it could be purchased (from the US)?

I know of many Japanese video stores, but not sure if they'd have subbed American movies.
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... 2008/1/14 13:56
The DVD for that will be released in April this year in Japan, with subtitles and voiceover adn everything :)

But I'd say with a "documentary" like this one, it is not really the language, but familiarity with the background that counts. Unless you know the issues as something close to you, you wouldn't really be able to "understand" it all... it's not like following a storyline.
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Sicko 2008/1/14 14:15
I have to second AK on that one! being familiar with both health care and the culture in the USA, Canada, UK and France I understood all sorts of things that would be bewildering for many people not familiar with these places. Many movies and books have plots and characters that are relatively similar or, at least, relatively easy to figure out. Sicko is a documentary on a very specific subject and requires some prior knowledge in order to appreciate it. after a friend of mine saw it he sent me 4 pages of questions about stuff he couldn't figure out! ON THE OTHER HAND renting/ buying a DVD would be great as you could go through it a couple of times with your friend, discuss all the bits that puzzle him and/ or you..look for answers on the web etc.
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Sicko 2008/1/14 14:57
If you are not familiar with the material in the film it can be accessed here:
Sicko is available to buy in the US but it is a region 1 dvd and not playable in Japan. Better to wait for it to be released in Japan.
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. 2008/1/14 15:10
You make a good point AK, he isn't familiar with America too much so some things would just go right past him. He is in college here and is getting projects related to American culture. I happened to mention that I was voting for Obama (he didn't know who he was) and mentioned health care. He seemed clueless so I recommended he watch "Sicko" just to get the jist of America's problem in this situation.

He's going to be living in America for a few years, so it's vital he understand our culture; good and bad.

Since it hasn't been released on DVD yet, I'll tell him to watch out for it in April; maybe then we can watch it together. =]
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