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Mention Im gonna be in Japan? 2008/1/15 19:36
Ive had a email friend from this site for about 2/3 months. In February Im gonna be in Japan. Should I mention it to them? We email each other only once or twice a week, its a email friendship that still in its early stages. It might be rude to not mention Im gonna be in Japan, equally if I did mention, I don't want to oblige them into meeting me.
by Bob  

say you were busy 2008/1/15 22:39
If you want to meet them, why not mention it. If you don't want to meet them (yet), you can just come and go home and then write to them and say that you were in Japan, but was too busy to meet them so didn't bother to contact them. I think that's how it usually goes, no matter who you are dealing with.
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Mention it 2008/1/16 08:06

Regardless of whether or not you have time to meet them, mention it. I think it would be rude not to mention it. If you have the time and want to meet up great, but if logistically you cannot work it out, that is a different issue.

I try to meet my pen-pals. So far I have met all of my Japanese pen-pals except for those in Hokkaido. Yet they know that I have been to Japan and know that I will get up to Hokkaido eventually.

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. 2008/1/16 08:50
I would mention that you would be in Japan and which cities you plan to visit.

However I wouldn't ask them if they wanted to meet (especially in an early pen pal stages) because it puts them in an akward situation. I would let them know you will be visiting but let them (the pen pal) initiate if they wanted to show you around or not.
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