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Japanese clothing sizes 2008/1/16 08:17
I am going to Japan at the end of March and I would love to be able to buy some clothes (mainly tops, shoes and dresses) from the Harajuku district, as I am a big fan of Japanese street style. I am not interested in buying western brands as I can get these perfectly easily at home!

I am a UK size 10 (US 8) with 35" chest, shoe size UK 5 (US 7). I have read conflicting conversion charts on the web and I am unsure what Japanese size I will be?

Will I be considered plus size in Japan? I am quite scared about this as I have read postings on other forums saying that some of the trender shops only stock up to to UK8 (US6)!! Which in the UK is considered X-Small!

Can some one advise me which sizes I should be looking for and if I have any chance of finding them in the Harajuku area?
by Emx  

UK 10= not plus sized 2008/1/16 11:54
No you will not be plus-size in Japan. You will most likely be a medium or perhaps a large for a lot of Japanese clothes, although this doesn't mean plus sized.

I think you have got the US-UK clothing conversion wrong as I just get into a UK 10 but I find a US 6 quite roomy and sometimes fit a 4.

Japanese women tend to be narrow-hipped so if you have hips at all you might find trousers and skirts here don't fit you well. I usually find that skirts and trousers that fit at the hips gape at the waist. I am not particularly big in the hips but I am not as straight up and down as many Japanese women either.

For shoes you should be fine, you will be a Japanese 24, which all shoe shops seem to carry- it's harder for me because I am a 25.5 (UK 6.5).

You don't mention your height, but that is important too. I am 175cm (5'9") and so most trousers and long-sleeved tops here are way too short for me.

If I go shopping in Harajuku I don't have much choice other than Gap, Zara and Benetton. If you are shorter than me you should be fine at most shops though.

If you find you need a Japanese L, don't get too hung up on it, and don't compare yourself to Japanese women- I sometimes feel huge here, especially with my height and wider butt, but in my home country (NZ) I am considered to be pretty slim. Different genes = different body type. Nothing to worry about.
by Sira rate this post as useful

depends on the brand 2008/1/16 13:42
At your size you should be able to fit at least some things from most of the brands (I'm guessing since you mentioned harajuku you like punk/lolita?)-some run large and are usually fine for westerners, especially the popular brands (h.naoto, metamorphose, baby the stars shine bright are three really popular brands that make large sizes). Smaller brands and boutique stores can be more of a problem- I am a US 2/4 and can't fit some of the specialty and independant brands. For a better idea of what will fit, take measurements. Most brand stores only make one size, so things will not be listed as S,M,L, they will say max bust 86cm, 62 cm waist etc
by Kate rate this post as useful

Thank you very much! 2008/1/16 19:38
Thanks for your advice! It's put my mind at rest a great deal to know that I may be able to find some clothes that fit while in Japan!

I got the size conversion UK10 US8 from the back of some of my clothes that list international sizing, so I just assumed it was correct. I am not too worried that I may have to buy size L in Japan, just as long as at least some brands go up to that size!

I didn't think to list my height but I am quite short at 5'2" (157cm), so hopefully I won't have too much trouble with things like sleave length.

Do you know if mens clothing accomodates westerners? My boyfriend is 6'0" tall, 36" waist, takes a L in shirts and has size UK11 feet. I would imagine he won't be able to find much that fits, do you know if this will this be the case?
by emx rate this post as useful

Shoes etc 2008/1/16 20:03

Size 11 is probably around 29 cm, so your boyfriend will have problems finding fashionable shoes other than trainers and salaryman-style leather shoes. There are shops that sell large-size shoes and clothes, but these tend to be more expensive. I would recommend he bring as much in the way of clothing - especially shoes - as he can with him.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

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