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jobs for gaijin 2008/1/16 12:51
Is there any job opportunity for a foreigner in japan who is not a native speaker of English but speak English quite fluent? I can speak basic Japanese and a few more languages. Any ideas are very welcome. Thanks.
by lost in himeji  

. 2008/1/16 15:32
There are a ton of threads on this subject already.

What do you mean speak english quiet fluently? Are you from a country where english is the native language or have any certifications in English?
What is your native language?
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Jobs 2008/1/16 16:14

Teaching jobs are available for native speakers of major European and Asian languages. Outside teaching, opportunities for non-Japanese are scarcer, but have you looked at the situations vacant adverts in the Monday issue of The Japan Times, or scanned websites mentioned here frequently?
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