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If fired, will I lose my Visa status? 2008/1/16 19:48
My current company uses seems to be using the fact they are giving me a 3 year Visa to give me unreasonable pressure to do things. If I quit, or am fired, will I lose my Visa? Is it possible for a company to notify immigration and end my Visa status if they wish?
Thank you.
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visa issue 2008/1/17 08:20
No, you won't have your visa revoked if you are fired or quit. I have heard of some companies threatening their employees with that kind of thing but your visa is your own, it is not dependent on your job.

Theoretically you are supposed to find work within about 3 months, but unless you have committed a serious crime it is very unlikely Immigration will revoke your visa, don't worry about this.
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