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Half city & half Country advice 2008/1/17 04:43
HI, I have 3 - 4 weeks in Japan in Feb 2009 at the end of backpacking for a year planned.

Ive always wanted to see Tokyo, but i also want to see other places. I was thinking of spending half in the manic Tokyo and half somewhere beautiful and scenic. maybe i can fit in 3 places I'm not sure.

Can anyone recommend where else to visit and if i would need an internal flight which i think I can include with my round the world ticket or if best to use train etc?

Ill be on my own so would like to meet other English speaking travelers as well
by Dave Mattock  

suggestions 2008/1/17 15:40

I would only stay one week in Tokyo. lots of stuff going on but it isn't the most beautiful city in the world and doesn't even have as many historical sights as other Japanese towns.
another week could be spent in the Kansai then another either North of Tokyo or down south. Shikoku island is a good place to explore.Definitely country.
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Thanks 2008/1/23 02:16
Thanks for the advice,
so will i need any internal flights ?
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1/2 and 1/2 2008/1/23 03:25
yes if you were to go to to Hokkaido, not necessarily if you want to go to either north of Tokyo (Tohoku region) or/ and south (as far as Fukuoka for example) as the shinkansen swoosh down the tracks very fast. for example recently I was in Hiroshima for a few days and went for a day trip from there to Fukuoka. the train is especially practical if you go to places like Shikoku island and also towards the Japan Sea. You will need a JR pass but make sure that you schedule your trip in such a way that you start your pass only when leaving Tokyo to travel long distance.
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... 2008/1/29 06:36
In 3 or 4 weeks, you could see a lot of Japan, and spend a few days in several places. With good use of a rail pass, and/or an internal flight or two, you could see something of all 4 main islands in 4 weeks. Or you could go to lots of places in a couple of regions.

I assume you'll fly in and out of Tokyo. Maybe you might want to split your time in Tokyo, so you have a day or two when you arrive, and then go off and check out some quieter places, and see at the end of your 3rd week whether you want to finish off with a bit more Tokyo, or some excellent Japanese small-town chilling?
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