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about japanese marriage life 2008/1/17 13:30
I'm going to marry japanese man, but he works in my country, so after married we'll stay here, not in japan. He only have mother who life in Japan & sister who life in Amerika. I never meet them, only speak couple of words by phone & see her picture..her age around 60..What I want to ask is..if she coming to my house on my soon wedding what should i give to her as a gift??? And I also want to know about japanese mariage life from all view. Cause I thougt maybe japanese husband have different habbit from other country.. such as they are not romantic at all, they show that they love u with a different way like working so hard for it true??
Please help me.. I need advice..
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cool 2008/1/17 23:58
yes japanese husband have dif.hobbies from the other man.they can't say i love you to you.and yes they show it in another way.but if you really love what is the best that you can...for the japanese man work is the for them.second is thier family but it doesnt mean that he can't love or important to him...GOOD LUCK...
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honto 2008/1/18 09:42
jhing.. tq for ur opinion..
I think ur right.. j-man are very cool..We work at the same at Koojo he act like he not really know me..but after work, if he call me he became true him.. I also have an experience.. he not say sweet things to me daily..but if he go to japan for 10 days holiday, he send me sms from airport say that he miss me..So I think maybe he didn't do that daily because of he will see me again in the next morning at koojo, too shy to face me after he say that..
Anyone has another opinion?? About jap-husband??
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Married life. 2008/1/25 15:28
I'm non-Japanese, married to a Japanese woman, living in Japan. My wife is generally more expressive of her feelings than I am, and I am much more expressive than I used to be.

I tend to avoid making generalizations about any culture. Within Japan, culture can vary quite a bit from one region to another, as do different dialects. Likewise, japan is full of individuals with different personalities and different habits. Some Japanese guys can be quite romantic, and some are perfectly comfortable saying "I love you". Throughout the world you will find quite a lot of guys who are uncomfortable expressing their feelings, for a multitude of reasons, one of which can be genuine "shyness". There are plenty of shy people in Japan.

If you feel like you are more expressive of your feelings than he is, continue to be yourself, and likely he will warm up to you over time. But most of all talk to him about it.
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