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Suggestion 2008/1/17 17:09
I am an indian girl and i'll soon be going to japan for a student exchange program. My host family lives in Yokohama. I have to take some gifts for them . I have a host father who is an Executive Head , My host mother is a house wife and i have a 15 yr old host sister. Can you please suggest me some gifts???? what would you have liked to have from india ???

P.S-- please tell me the avg. shoe size of a 15 yr old Japanese girl..!!
by Aksha  

... 2008/1/18 17:13
Aksha, as India has been growing sharply and producing talented IT specialists, Japanese are becoming more interested in India and Indian life.

Unfortunately, however, compared to American or European lifestyle, Indian one is not so welknown to many of us.

As a student, I don't think you need to buy expensive gifts. I suggest you to bring something which you can use to start conversation with your host families.

A small scalf, inexpensive but unique accessories (panja? tika?), incense, tea, soap...
And why don't you bring some spicies so that you can cook Indian food for the family?

Hope that you'll have a great time in Yokohama!
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ohkei 2008/1/18 21:06
Yeah alright...!! Sounds good... Thank you!
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souvenirs from India 2008/1/19 09:27
I often travel to India and for souvenirs I bring my friends things like sandalwood soap, chai tea bags, embroidered bags, bindi, bracelets small statues of elephants etc.

Bringing shoes for someone is risky- even if you know the average size for a Japanese girl, the chances of her not being average are still quite high!
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hmm 2008/1/19 15:28
Thanks Sira... that was a lot of help... I have bought an embroidered bag for my host sister and a pashmini stole for my host mother... i have bought the other small stuff as well : tea , soap , spices , dishes etc. But i am in a real dilemma regarding what to buy for my host father..!! plz help..!! now that i've bought smthing specific for the others , i'll have to get something for Mr.Wada...!!!

please suggest something
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. 2008/1/20 02:45
anything in with Indian culture on it would be a great gift I think. For a middle-aged Japanese male, i think anything that is traditional and Indian will be appreciated, since it is rare to find in Japan.

I'm no expert on Indian souvenirs, I haven't been to India (though i really want to go someday!). I think you should just keep buying items that are related to what you have already bought. I don't think he'll mind what it is as long as it's something special from your home.
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. 2008/1/20 13:16
Whatever you buy, it doesnt have to be super expensive or anything. Its more the thought that counts.
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