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aeon shopping centre narita 2008/1/17 22:59
What hours are the shops at this centre open in February ?
by sandra Perkins  

Mainly 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 2008/1/18 00:51
The hours don't seem to be particularly different in February.

Here's a link, if you can make any sense out of it. The first line in the table (above the word "Restaurants") gives the hours for the stores, with the side note that are some with different hours. The grocery store is open until midnight! The Starbuck's and the Tully's Coffee open at 9, and most of the restaurants stay open until 11.

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access 2008/8/13 22:52
may i know how to get to the shoppin mall from narita airport? by the way anybody know whether can we leave our luggage in the airport (storage for luggage? is there such area?) coz my flight is at 1815hrs and another fren of mine flight is at 1130hrs so tot of sendin her to the airport then go there shop... sorry the shoppin mall worth goin :p thnks!
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Aeon mall 2008/8/14 06:40
check http://www.chiba-tour.jp/narita/trans/round.html
or Google narita aeon mall. There a special bus (Narita city round bus)that goes from Narita airport to Narita city including the Aeon mall. Narita International Airport No.2 Passenger Terminal
(1st floor: Gate 3) at 11:00
Narita International Airport No.1 Passenger Terminal
(1st floor: Gate 30) a 11:05
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Aeon Mall Narita 2009/11/27 13:24
How much does it cost, to take a taxi from Aeon Mall Narita to Narita Airport?

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You Must Be Kidding 2009/11/27 15:26

A taxi to central Tokyo is extremely expensive, on the order of 30000 if you hail one directly by yourself (equivalent to a few nights stay in the average Tokyo hotel). Flat fare taxi cabs to Tokyo go for around 17000-19000 from special taxi ranks.
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... 2009/11/27 16:01
Between Narita Airport and Aeon Narita SHopping Mall, I imagine the fare to be 2,500 - 3,000 yen or so.
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Aeon Mall 2009/11/27 16:05

How much does it cost, to take a taxi from Aeon Mall Narita to Narita Airport?

About 3,000 to 4,000 yen.

There is a frequent shuttle bus (not free) that goes there from in front of Keisei Narita station, so it would be much cheaper to get the train there from Narita Airport and then use the bus service.
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taxi 2009/11/27 20:53
How much does it cost, to take a taxi from Aeon Mall Narita to Narita Airport?

Its only 7.7km (Aeon Mall Narita is nowhere near central tokyo) which should cost almost exactly 2500 as AK guessed.


Alternatively, take the train to Narita station (190 yen/person) and a taxi to the mall (about 1200 yen), or the bus that Red Frog mentioned.
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