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Fashion shows (KERA, visual kei,etc) 2008/1/18 14:20
Hi folks!

Just wondering if anyone knows of an English site or similar where I can find out about upcoming alternative fashion shows, like the ones at OIOI (OI Young, Shinjuku)? any help appreciated.
by R.  

.. 2008/1/30 00:12
Sorry i'm not any help for u now, but i just wanted to say i would like to know same thing!!! If there is any fashion shows kept in tokyo, where and when... if u will find out please tell me too^^ And if i will know i let u know too.
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Vissual Kei... 2008/1/30 08:42
Hi Julia. I know that the OIOI young department store in shinjuku does hold these events, my problem is finding out when! If you're interested in the clothes in general, I suggest gooogling the "gothic and lolita shopping guide". It's been a while since it's been updated but it still has good info. But still- any info on events, post here people!
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shows 2008/1/30 09:26
The store/department websites will announce when there are shows, usually about a month in advance. Just keep checking! They're not that common though, most brands will only have 1-2 shows a year. They're a lot of fun to see, though!
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