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Homestay 2008/1/19 08:58

a high school in Colorado is thinking about doing a trip to Japan for the students learning Japanese, and the teacher only wants to do it if the students can stay with a homestay family. The trip will be about 10-14 days, and there are 11 students, plus the teacher, and the principal, although not all 11 students may be able to go.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any homestay programs to Japan (any place will work, although Tokyo would be preferred) that will allow the 11 students to stay with a family for the 2 weeks. They also need to be within reasonable range of each other, so that the students can do group activities every so often.

Thank you :)
by Garett H  

... 2008/1/19 14:31
Doesn't your high school have a friendship/exchange program with a high school in Japan? Normally that's how it works - maybe the following year Japanese students from that school will visit Colorado and stay with the students' families in Colorado. I think it will be simply difficult to find someone who will be simply kind enough to host students for two weeks. Maybe you could inquire with your city if the city where you are have a "sister city" or any other friendship/exchange program with a city somewhere in Japan.
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another idea 2008/1/19 14:42
Or quite possibly through a college or university.....
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.. 2008/1/20 03:17
We're not looking for a foreign exchange program. Just a program that will allow us to send 11 students there, for around 10 days. All the school programs are usually long term, or summer.
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We have the same problem 2008/1/20 05:09
We have the same problem in England. We don't necessarily want an Exchange Programme but just a school visit with homestay for a small number of students of Senior High Schol age. Lets face it Japan does it all the time but it doesn't seem to be able to be reciprocated.I know it's true I have worked with homestays. If anyone has any ideas please post them here. Thanks Aged Traveller.
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I do homestays very often! 2008/1/20 09:32
I am living in Kansai area, and we have got several programs for homestay. Actually I am asked to have guests (including students) very often, and I try making it as I love it.

There are some international exchange groups around here, and the other areas as well, I think.

If you have got any questions and want my help, email me who is in the penpal site of this. (may-lover is the name there)
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