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Free N Easy - Hokkaido 2008/1/22 16:58
Am planning a free n easy trip to Hokkaido in April for 10 days - 4 adults and a baby.

Will be renting a car throughout the 10 days and would like to know the highly recommended attractions in Hokkaido - eg. food, shopping for local produce, nature expeditions.

We are foodies and love to check out the best hole-in-the-wall and mom and pop dining places.

And would also need information on affordable acommodations - between USD50-80 per night.

Thank you :)

by Kamien  

Clarifying "Free n easy" 2008/1/23 13:47
I haven't been to Hokkaido so can't help you but just wanted to point out that many people don't understand "free n easy" in relation to travel- I'm guessing you are Singaporean? "Free n easy" seems to be used in Singapore to describe independent travel- is that correct? The term is not really used in other English-speaking countries so people may not be sure what you mean.

As for answering your questions, have you looked at the Hokkaido section on this site and seen anything that interests you? Often to get answers here it helps to ask more specific questions if you need to know more about the info already given on this site.
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.... 2008/1/23 16:07
Free & Easy is quite commonly used and understood in that part of S E Asia, referring to independent traveling.
I like my Sapporo ramen in the Ramen Republic located on the 10th floor of the Bic Building just next to the Sapporo train station. On the same floor food court, the sushi is also very good. Baikohken and Aoba are two good ramen shops in Asahikawa city near the train station. The staff in the Tourist Information Center inside the train station would be pleased to show the directions.
Hakodate morning fish market and Kushiro's Wasyo ( morning fish market, just a stone throw away from Kusihro train station)offer the freshest seafoods. In Wasyo, you can choose the sashimi to top up your rice, something like the buffet style.
Do try out some of the Izakaya near the Sapporo train station. Kids are allowed in. Of course, don't forget the restaurants serving nothing but the crabs.
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Thanks 2008/1/23 18:44
Sira - Didn't know that the term Free n Easy is only used around this part of the world - thanks for pointing out.

As Tju mentioned, it means independent travel as we're only planning to book a return air ticket. Acommodation wise, we'll be looking to stay in Ryokans around Otaru.

However, not many Ryokans are advertised on the web, thus, am having a lil' difficulty sourcing for them.

Tju - Thanks for the information. As we'll be renting a car for the entire trip, we'll most likely try the places you recommended.

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