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illegal stay 2008/1/22 21:42
my sister who overstayed in Japan for years was deported 2 yrs. ago and now with us here in the philippines. during her stay in japan, she was with a Japanese guy. the japanese now is ready to marry her. they will get married here in the philippines. will my sister have a problem upon entering japan again? when can she be allowed to enter japan? thank you
by djohanna trofeo  

... 2008/1/23 06:43
I thought that overstayers are banned from Japan for 5 years. If they try to re-enter before the end of the ban, they will be sent back at the border.
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It Probably Depends... 2008/1/23 12:49
My guess is that it would be at the discretion of the immigration authorities. The person would need to go through the process of applying to the consulate in their home countries for an appropriate entry visa. That visa might be approved or denied by the consulate. The overstay and deportation is quite likely to count against a successful application, but only the relevant authorities can make that decision...
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Bureau of Immigration 2008/1/23 12:56
I read the Decision issued for my sister and it says, "is not subject to departure order". I know that Departure Order is issued by Immigration Authorities for those who surrendered and will be allowed to enter Japan after a year. Since she doesn't have that in the decision issued, it's definite she cannot enter Japan for 5 years. is this correct? Thank you for your quick answers.
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. 2008/1/23 13:25
If she's going to marry and apply for a spouse visa outside of Japan, the best place to go is to ask the Embassy or Consulate where you live at.

No one here can give you a definite answer.
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spouse visa 2008/1/24 00:37
When you submit your spouse visa application at the Japanese consulate in the Philippines, you will be asked to complete an application form. You need to declare whether you have any adverse record and you need to provide documents to support your claim. The application is likely refer back to Japan for decision. The status, financial situation of the Japanese guy will be checked to ensure that this is a genuine marriage.

When a decision is made, you will be notified by the consulate.

You will never know the result at this stage.
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You never know 2008/1/24 08:20
I would go ahead and get married then go and apply for your spousal visa and don't mentions the overstay.
In Japan there is alot of red tape (many things fall through the cracks, big cracks at that) Just get married and go for it you never know what will happen.
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think before you act. 2008/2/11 02:54
with regards to your sister's case, try to surf on your computer the timog forum site and debito.com. I know there'll be an answers to your questions.
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Go for it 2008/2/12 00:35
djohanna trofeo,
Tell your sister to get married, apply for a spousal visa if she receives one GREAT she's off to Japan
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